Posted by: Mermaid | October 26, 2011

At your Feet

She reads. He looks at her with a smiling, warm look in his eyes. He pretends to be listening to her flawless reading while all that could be registered in his mind was the shadow of her eyelashes on her flushed cheeks, the waves in her voice going high and low in captivating intonation, and how her aubergine hair shines in the mild sun rays that gently slide upon her amiable, tiny figure relaxingly sitting on the grassy ground near his feet.

After taking a small sip, he puts his cup of tea softly down. A low sound results from the cup touching its circular plate. Distracted, she raises her eyes to him. She wonders why his eyes are warmer than the noon sun in a fresh spring day. Her eyelashes flutter for a moment before she lays her sight back on the book peacefully lying in her hands.

Silent for a few moments, she cannot resume reading. She closes her book and raises her eyes again to his welcoming face. How can upward mouth corners bring such happiness to her world? How can a pair of shiny nights caress her that tightly from a distance? She simply loves him.

Grateful that she stopped reading, he inhales all her details. His looks wonder happily upon her existence. How her wrinkled nose lights up his whole world! How her blushed face colours his days! He simply loves her.

They both smile understandingly.

(DF, thank you for the inspiration :))



  1. This is surely a soothing piece, as someone said. You managed to describe the simple emotions and gestures quite warmly and vividly. Your lines breathe.

    One small comment: The closing line is rather weak. It can be omitted as well or replaced.

    Thanks for the usual joy of your writings.

  2. It is soothing, indeed :)

    “Your lines breathe,” how can I thank you for this? :) :)

    Tayeb I’ll reflect on the closing line keda maybe I can change it with a stronger one.

    Thanks for reading what I write :)

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