Posted by: Mermaid | October 29, 2011

Andre Rieu – Fascination

Don’t you feel that the violin is tearfully entreating you for something; maybe love… maybe compassion… or maybe separation!



  1. Ohhh…

    The music is just beautiful…and the pictures you used are so beautiful..I have always liked the pictures you choose…that video makes anyone happily you!!

    Sorry for the bad English!

  2. What you wrote above is flawless, grammatically :)

    The music is heartbreaking!

    Glad you liked it, dear :)

  3. كل سنة و انت طيبة..و كل اهلك و اصدقاءك و احبابك بخير

    عيد سعيد…ينعاد عليك!

  4. وانت طيبة وحرة يا رب يا عروبة :) ينعاد عليكِ :)

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