Posted by: Mermaid | November 28, 2011


He draws closer. Bowing a little. Silently, he entreats her for forgiveness. His eyes soft with moist sorrow and sincere love. She turns her head away. Dignified. Silently, her hair flies around her beautiful neck. In proud pain, she tries to keep her breath away from his. How could he cause her that much agony, leaving her alone for long, tearful nights?! How could he?! If only she could turn her heart away from him!



  1. I like the use of symbolism here; something is not strange to you.
    1) He came asking for forgiveness
    2) She (in proud pain) tried to turn away
    3) She lamented him for the agony he caused to her
    4) Then …?

    Your, damn good, unfinished melodies need to be fulfilled. And, we would, happily or sadly, accept your solution.

    La vie est dans le besoin de résolution absolue

  2. Then… you have to figure it out or write the story ending yourself :) :)

    Your “damn good” made me smile widely :) :)

    I agree!

    (Cheat sheet: reflect more on the title. It might give you a clue).

  3. :) :)

    Cheat sheet .. okay :)

    l’échec n’est pas une fin, il pourrait être un indice pour une nouvelle vie .. Just remember where did it first go wrong.

    And … Memraid, the sea is called in Spanish (el mar), a masculine name; while in French it’s called (la mer), a feminine name. I mean, even huge things which are not deniable to the eye, are different to the heart and (or) mind.

  4. Oui, oui :)

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