Posted by: Mermaid | January 17, 2012

A Step Backward

Sometimes you have to take a step backward. Even when you’re standing on the edge and your back is facing a gluttonous abyss, you know you just have to take the step. You linger there for some time, delaying the inevitable. But then you take a deep breath … and do it. 



  1. Go ahead .. DO IT
    No one would like to stop you
    For, no one would even notice you
    Winning has a million fathers; while failure is orphan

    Yet, it depends, would that step enrich your soul or would it shorten its path to (gluttonous abyss)
    Ask your heart .. Only, if it’s still beating for you.

  2. اللهم لا تكلها إلى نفسها طرفة عين أبداً

  3. Amen…

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