Posted by: Mermaid | April 25, 2012

Be Positive – Do NOT Eat at Grizzly

Better late than never. A continuation of the Be Positive series.

A few months ago I discovered a nice restaurant/cafe in Zamalek called Grizzly. I loved their food and the view (on the Nile). Usually, I met a friend or two in the early morning (10-11 AM) to have breakfast. Two months ago, I met three dear friends for brunch by 1:00 PM. And I had the shock of my life! The worst service I’ve ever received! They literally ruined the day for us; food was served very late for some of us and without the table set. When we finally decided to leave because of the awful service, we requested the cheque. Coming very late, the cheque was for our table and another!!! We waited for them to amend it but again, late, late, late. We informed that supervisor there that we were not going to pay anything. “Okay” was his reply. After leaving the place, we have been chased by the waiter (Zizo) whom the lousy supervisor told him he’d be charged for our bill. Coming along with a passive, unbelievably illogical, know-nothing-about-customer-service manager Walid Hasan, they asked us to pay the bill since we had the food! Eventually, we did.

Running after a 200 L.E. bill and their horrific service made them lose four customers and many, many other friends of them. I will never step a foot there and I would never ever recommend it to anyone. Not only the worst service you can get, but also the worst attitude.

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