Posted by: Mermaid | June 13, 2012

On Sexual Harassment

Was talking with my dearest friend Nahla about the current events in Egypt when this conversation started…

Mayada: Did you hear that there were two marches recently against sexual harassment but some men actually attacked and sexually harassed the women in those marches?

Nahla: NO?! Seriously?!

Mayada: Yes. I really wish there could be a radical punishment to sexual harassment… like castration!

Nahla: Oh, that would be very harsh. But I completely agree with it.

Mayada: I think if it is inflicted as a sentence, it will eradicate this phenomena. The only problem is, it is not really a sentence mentioned in the “shari’a” (Islamic laws).

Nahla: Yeah, but I think we have to be innovative a bit since such incidents did not happen in the old days of prophet Mohammed (PBUH).

Mayada: God, you’re right!!! I never heard of such incidents that happened back then. There are incidents of and sentences / punishment for adultery but not for sexual harassment or rape as far as I know. So, they would do such a horrible deed (adultery) but at least when the two parties agree to it. No forcing was involved.

Nahla: Even with animals there’s no forcing. It happens when both the male and female are ready and they agree on mating.

Mayada: Yes! Even if the male/female is not accepted by the partner, they just wait for the following mating season.

I really hope there would be a very strict punishment for sexual harassment – not just imprisonment!


  1. صباح الخير:

    اللي انا فاهماه انه التحرش يقع ضمن دائرة الحرابة….يعني يمكن تكون عقوبته الاعدام…«إنما جزاء الذين يحاربون الله ورسوله ويسعون في الأرض فسادا أن يُقتّلوا أو يُصلّبوا أو تُقطّع أيديهم وأرجلهم من خلاف أو يُنفوا من الأرض».

    و في مصر اظن طلع قانون بتغليظ العقوبة لحد ما تصل مؤبد او حتى اعدام..طبعا ناس كتير اوي فرحوا بالقانون…بس اللي نفسي اعرفه..انه نفس الناس دول كانوا هيفرحوا لو انه العقوبة تنفذت من باب …اقامة الحدود؟؟؟

  2. ماسمعتش على حد اتنفذت فيه عقوبة غليظة بسبب التحرش الجنسي في مصر يا عروبة! يا رييييت!

    للأسف الناس مش عارفة إن إقامة الحدود (بعد إقامة دولة عادلة بالطبع) هايحل ويظبط حاجات كتير! ربنا يهدينا جميعًا!

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