Posted by: Mermaid | July 14, 2012


I was watching a show in the States presented by Steve Harvey where he asked questions to two teams. One of the questions asked was: “What is the country that is never at peace?” To my shock, the answer was “Israel”! And I was like: HUH!!!! Israel?!!! And why is that, I wonder? Is it because they have been killing Palestinians for long years or because they wipe away the latter’s homes and build settlements for themselves? And is Palestine at peace? Is it?!!! For God’s sake, WAKE UP, Americans!!!! For God’s sake open your eyes and do not depend on the US delusional, misleading media!

What a pity!



  1. For them…Palestine doesn’t exist..and they can’t see your point here…unfortunately..but whether they wake up or not..we should keep demanding our rights in all possible ways!!

  2. Definitely we should! But it IS a pity they can’t see the whole picture but rather a fragmented one presented by the media!

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