Posted by: Mermaid | September 30, 2012

Muhammad Ad-Durrah

Imagine how the child was feeling in the last few minutes of his life. Close your eyes and imagine the terror, the desperation, and the shivering. In a moment, he was gone. In a moment, his father returned to consciousness to find a lifeless body in his arms. In a moment, a lifetime and a dream of a future were murdered.

So that we won’t forget Mohammed Ad-Durrah. Murdered by Israelis in the occupied Palestine on 30th September, 2000.

For the video, watch this.

حتى لا ننسى، محمد الدرة تم قتله 30 سبتمبر 2000 في فلسطين المحتلة على يد قوات الإحتلال الإسرائيلية.أ

اللهم عليك بالصهاينة فهم لا يعجزونك! اللهم عليك بهم، اللهم عليك بهم!ا

لا ننسى أبدا…ا



  1. شكرا ميادة….

  2. ربنا يرحمه ويرحمنا جميعًا :(

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