Posted by: Mermaid | October 6, 2012

A Book, Anger and Night Treats

I am currently reading a very, very interesting book called Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Cannot Stop Talking by Susan Cain. The book is eye-opening on many fronts. I am an introvert yet I struggle with it to appear otherwise to the extent that I got a couple of comments that I am “too casual”. Lately, I tried to push myself to mingle with strangers telling myself that it is good to meet new people as it helps in being more socially intelligent. Yet, once I do put myself in such settings, I do everything I can to run away! The book shed light on some of my actions that I (maybe under the influence of society) used to find weird and inexplicable (like why being around people for long hours tire me so much, or why I need a “me-time” everyday or else I feel drained and irritable). It also made me understand where extroverts come from. I highly recommend this book to introverts and extroverts equally.

Talking about understanding myself, for some reason, I have been angry for too long – more than a year. I am not sure why but the most trivial of things get on my nerves and send me fuming. Is it the revolution with all the stress it brought to our lives? Is it the changes I am facing at work? Am I becoming more sensitive? I don’t know! And I do not know how to get over this! I try to escape into my books or writing to minimise encountering the outside world but I know this is not the solution for the problem. Maybe I need to treat and pamper myself more? I don’t think so! I am already a narcissist from all the self-pampering :) I hope I’ll find a way to get around this “anger/stress” issue before I turn into someone I do not recognise!

AND speaking of treats, it is a peaceful night… seeing that anise biscuits in the dining room lured me to fix myself a cup of tea with fresh peppermint and grab three pieces of the crispy childhood favourite. Night treats are the best :)



  1. السلام عليكم :

    قرأت مراجعات مشجعة بخصوص الكتاب المذكور.و اضفته الى القائمة الطويلة من الكتب التي ارغب بقراءتها..عسى ان يساعدني في فهم نفسي و الاخرين اكثر..و لكنني اظن انني سانتظر ان تصدر ترجمة له

    أستطيع ان أتفهم ما تتحدثين عنه بخصوص مشاعر الغضب ، و ما ادركه ان دافع الغضب اعمق من كل الاسباب السطحية التي تبدو و كأنها تفجره…احيانا نكون شغوفين بشي ما … بمكان ما، و مجرد عدم حصولنا على ذلك الشيء .. او عدم وجودنا في ذلك المكان ..هو سبب غضب…ربما هو التوق!

    و المرة الجاية..ابقى اعملي حسابي في الشاي .ماشي؟؟؟

    ربنا يسعدك و يوفقك لما يحب و يرضى!

  2. ربما هو التوق… ربما هو التوق

    I am speechless, Oroba!

    تعالي إنتِ بس وأنا أعملك كل اللي إنتِ عايزاه :)

    آمين، آمين… جميعًا :)

  3. I heard a lot about this book, from more than one source. I think I’ll eventually read it. My problem currently that I’m self aware more than I wish to. I know precisely what I feel at this given moment, but to afraid to admit it. Being impulsive is one trait I gained from trying to change myself from being an introvert to semi-extrovert.. which is definetly not me :( I feel I’m screwed sometimes..
    It’s not my lucky phase in life yet.

  4. We are not screwed ya Eman :) We are led to believe we are! The book mentions examples of parents who seek psychiatric help for their introvert kids because they think there’s something wrong with him/her! Society encourages extrovert behavior although introverts are a crucial and indispensable part of society.

    I have it PDF and EPUB. Tell me if you want me to send it to you.

  5. Thats very nice of you. Epub will be great :)

  6. السلام عليكم :

    عيد مبارك و سعيد..ينعاد عليك..و انت و اهلك و احبابك و الامة جميعها بخير!

  7. آمين، آمين يا عروبة :) ينعاد علينا كلنا بالخير إن شاء الله :)

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