Posted by: Mermaid | October 29, 2012

Allah Karim

Although I need Him the most, I keep away. I feel worse but still I do not approach His gate. I feel so tiny, almost like a speck. He sends me two friends to lift me up from what I feel. One tells me an unbelievably sweet remark, and another dear friend translates my latest post and puts it on his very popular and important blog which makes my day. The two gestures happen in the same day. All I can think about is… Allah Karim (Generous)!

اللهم ردني إليك ردًا جميلًا!ا



  1. Tab3an dol Rou & Meto : ))

  2. For a change, it’s two other friends :) But I met Meto, Nerro et Rou yesterday and they made my day bardo :)

  3. الله كريم فعلا…

    البوست المترجم بالانجليزي….له نكهة مميزة و مختلفة…هنيئا لك باصدقاءك….الله يخليكم لبعض!

  4. آمين.. آمين :)

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