Posted by: Mermaid | November 7, 2012

Synovate, the Enriching, Beautiful Journey

14th December, 2003 was my first day at Synovate. I joined as a translator with the title Marketing Research Assistant. Being an introvert did not help me much in mingling with the team. It took me some good six months to start building bonds that were slowly, yet very strongly, woven. Along the years I spent there, the family grew bigger. The spirit was spectacular. It was more of a family business; as if it was our own company. Of course there were the low moments, the almost intolerable workload sometimes, and the small clashes. Yet, it was a family!

What a journey! Eight years, amazing people, one-of-a-kind-spirit, tears, laughter, success, frustrations, overload, four promotions, recognition, appreciation, sharing special moments of joy and sadness, friends, friends, friends.

Client testimonial to my whole team:

“One time after the next, both in qualitative and quantitative projects, you were dedicated to quality and impressive work, and in many cases over-delivering and clearly meeting all the expectations with super data quality.

Despite all the challenges that you faced, and which I happened to be aware of, you consistently managed to overcome, and represented a wonderful example of how you can focus on the priorities and deliver the results over and over.

I am very grateful for your wonderful efforts – and must mention that the standard you set is more and more becoming a high bar to meet.

Thanks again, and looking forward to a continuous fruitful cooperation, and more exciting projects :)”

My team was more than superb! I was truly blessed for having them helping me grow, supporting me to the last minute and loving and accepting me the way I am.

I worked my neck out but I had FUN. I had several opportunities to leave the place and join other companies but I am glad I did not. I learnt a lot and developed on many fronts, personally and professionally.

Like everything in life, that beautiful phase had to end. Acquisition by another company, changes, getting out of our comfort zone, differences. Many people left to explore other lands in the vast world. I decided I’d stay for a while. I was lucky I landed in the nicest team. Naturally, it took us a while to get to know each other and it eventually happened smoothly. Yet, after 10 months, I decided it is time to pursue different opportunities elsewhere. My last day with the team was very emotional. I miss them already!

This week is my first week in a new place. I did not take such move in almost nine years. A lot of excitement, fear, happiness and hope! Hope!

I can never pay the proper homage to the team in Synovate for making those eight years remarkable in every way, in every single way. I am grateful I was part of that legendary family and for the enriching journey that contributed to who I am now. It was a journey to remember! Thank you!



  1. Remarkable journey because of a remarkable “Mayada” !! Proud to be your colleague and friend :)

  2. Remarkable because of everyone of us… even our dear Abdel Hamid and Rabee3 :)

    I feel honored and privilidged for havig the chance to work with you ya Kamalz :) :) Thank you for not only the business learning, but the life tips as well :)

  3. Doodz, you were my first friend in Synovate :) The first person to show warmth and support to a fellow introvert. And to this day I can never forget the first day you introduced yourself to me with your wide beautiful fluttery eyes :D

    Although my journey was shorter than yours, Synovate remained family to me and it was honestly the best time of my life. Even if I wasn’t part of it for the last few years. The moments I spent there are dear to me and I still considered myself part of the Synovate family. Synovate was the place I was given a chance to shine by someone who truly believed there was something there. Thank you Kamal for being that person :)

    Synovate is not a place nor is it just a name. Synovate is a spirit that lives within us. And that can never be stolen or replaced with another company logo.

    To all loyal Synovaters, let the spirit live on within you :)

  4. أرجو لك التوفيق في مكان عملك الجديد..و أن تكون مشاعرك طيبة تجاهه بمثل ما هي تجاه عملك السابق!

    ربنا يوفقك!

  5. Ya Sola, I had tears in my eyes ya bent when I read your words :(

    ربنا يديم المحبة :)

    شكرًا يا عروبة… دعواتك :)

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