Posted by: Mermaid | June 21, 2013

Inside my Locket


Did I tell you I got myself a locket? I always wanted one. And you know I have this problem of having to “feel” things before buying them. So, once I saw that one, it instantly captured my heart. It has the old world map (before discovering the Americas). You know I love old things, don’t you? I am so happy and proud of it that I check it out every now and then while having it on.

Yesterday, I had this thought.. I want to put something inside. And then I wondered, if I have the power to put everything I love in it, what would that be?

I’d put people like my parents with their unconditional and embracing love. Sisters with their tenderness, sense of humour and kind-heartedness.

Nahla with our silent moments together where she’d hum a song. My DF friend and the bursting in laughter and the unbelievable understanding we have between us. Rou and Meto and the sincere times I had with throughout long years.

I’d also put moments. The times when I was at the mosque with the green dome… after dawn, with my back leaning on the cool columns… when the ceiling moves.. utter peacefulness. The times I endlessly rested my exhausted sight on His Bayt… when “I” disappeares. That moment when I woke up in my hotel in Colombo to find the full moon shining with its utmost luminousness and its beams engulfing my restless body. The aimless walks in London streets with the lulling sound of the rains on my umbrella. The long walk I take alone on Arun river bank in Arundle. The clean, fresh breathing and the content smiles in Regent’s and Holland parks.

And finally, I will include a dream of you… the impossible dream of you.

I will put all those in my locket and always carry it… close to my heart.

Yours sincerely,




  1. سلام عليكم :

    انا مبسوطة انك بتكتبي في المدونة تاني… و لو ان في مسحات حزن في اللي بتكتبيه!!

    كنت عايزة اقول اكتر من حاجة..بس حاختصر و اقول ..ربنا يفرح قلبك !!

  2. آمين يا عروبة :) شكرًا، عزيزتي :)

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