Posted by: Mermaid | July 5, 2013

Ajnabi, Apna Mujhe Tu Laga

A friend introduced me to Indian songs. I like Indian movies and the beat of their songs but never noticed the lyrics. Some of their songs are… speechlessly and overwhelmingly beautiful. Two days ago I came across a song called “Ajnabi, apna mujhe tu laga” (Stranger, you feel like my own). To my delight, I discovered it was the sound track of a movie. And to my horror, a horror movie. I never watch horror movies. But that particular movie (Evil Returns) was luring me to watch it because I could sense how beautiful the story (or the emotions in it) is. So, I started watching it on youtube and promised myself if I got too scared, I’d turn it off. And I was a 3-year old kid throughout all the scary scenes; both hands on eyes peaking through a very tiny hole among my fingers to see if the bad guys disappeared or not, looking around every now and then to ensure nobody was jumping on my shoulders, and finally was all curled up on my chair so that nothing would pull my loose limbs. Praise to Allah, I managed to finish it. Besides “Ajnabi” there are several other beautiful songs.

And I leave you with part of the lyrics of “Ajnabi, apna mujhe tu laga”

You’re unknown, you’re unrelated,
Then why do you feel like related..
When you’re sleeping, in a deep sleep,
Then why do you wake in me..

When it gets you,
The heart smiles,
What’s my relation with you,
What do I look for in you..
What do I ask for from you..
What all is there in you that’s mine..
I don’t know what part of you is me, mine..
But stranger, you feel like my own..


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