Posted by: Mermaid | July 7, 2013

All I Want for my Birthday is…

It is here again.. 34 years ago, I quietly slid into this world. At almost 1:00 AM… is this why I love nights?

What a year! I do not want to assess it or talk about what was good and bad about it. And I do not want to put plans… enough, Mayada!

I was thinking in the past week what I could want for my birthday. The answer was the thing I miss the most… me. It’s been a tough year, with major changes – my eternal enemy! I miss the happy me… the optimistic one. I am blessed beyond thankfulness… I need to focus more on this, see light and hope in little things as I used to… be silly again… be loving again.

I still have it inside of me… I still believe…

I believe in God and His graciousness… His always open gates that I hope I’d enter before I cease to be. I believe in rain and my childish jumping whenever it falls on my welcoming face, in coffee and its magical power to call to the memory the people we love, I believe in chocolate and its indulging sensation… in greenery, how it makes me breathe… really breathe. I believe in music and songs that touch my heart and play skilfully on the strings within. I believe in loved ones who make all the difference… all the difference. I believe in beauty that makes life endurable.. and that I am beautiful in my special way.

I believe in love… and that one day … :)

Happy birthday to you, Maya :)



  1. Happy Birthday Mayada,

    كوني واثقة بانك ستحصلين على ما تريدين…لأن الله كريم….و هو سيعطيك في يوم ما!!..و نعم..انت جميلة..قلبا و قالبا!!

    بالمناسبة..ايه هي الهدية المميزة اللي حصلت عليها السنة دِة؟

    مرة تانية…عيد ميلاد سعيد….و رمضان كريم!

  2. Thanks, dear Orouba :) Ramadan Kareem :)

    حصلت على عدة هدايا جميلة من ضمنها شنطة رائعة :)

    تسلمي :)

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