Posted by: Mermaid | July 13, 2013

Travel / Escape

York, England

York, England

Since my return from my last trip to the UK a month ago and I have been thinking of when I am going to travel again. And there is this overwhelming urge of detachment. I want to have my suitcase always ready, a valid travelling visa and a booked air ticket – even if for a 3-months ahead flight. I do not want to move out of Egypt which is strange when coupled with this desire to travel constantly. I just want to be in a different place every few months for a couple of weeks and then back home for a few months before my suitcase is ready again. I always knew I am not a city person and that Cairo is drying me up but it is getting clearer by the day. A recent addiction that is easing the itchy urge to travel is checking places photos around the world on Instagram.

I do not know if this sense of restlessness is an escape from Egypt and its troubles now or an escape from me. I am too exhausted to think. I want to close my eyes, open them to find myself in Cairo International Airport waiting for my plane to take off in an hour. Different place, melt among strangers, and breathe.



  1. yaah ya mayo it is as if it is me talking , this is exactly how i feel now,whenever i arrive to egypt, i start thinking when and where i will be traveling next time, can i re post ?

  2. This is not a healthy feeling, you know :(

    Of course you can re-post, dear :)

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