Posted by: Mermaid | August 28, 2013

Springtime Memories

Time to set the alarm for waking up tomorrow morning. I consider changing the alarm tone. My eyes settle down on the name of one of tones “springtime memories”. Spring.. who likes this season?! A brief introduction to a long sticky season in my country. I press the tone expecting to listen to inharmonious melodies. I freeze when the soft chirps of birds breathtakingly entwine with piano notes and a distant violin. I close my eyes and I think of you. Ten years from now, I’ll wake up in the morning to those chirps… different country, different room. I am alone. I like that spring. It would be mild with a refreshing breeze that sways with the curtains. I will think of you and smile with shiny eyes. With very shiny eyes. How grateful I am that for a brief moment in eternity our paths crossed… that your spacious existence embraced my restlessness and restored my faith in humans … and that my heart blossomed in the palm of your hands and eternally remained there.

I will know that at that moment, at that very moment, I will cross your mind… and you will smile.




  1. This is simply beautiful!
    Too beautiful to comment on properly…

  2. :)

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