Posted by: Mermaid | December 2, 2013

To Winter

Bath - England Photo by Mermaid

Bath – England
Photo by Mermaid

Winter is a verb. A very rich one. To winter means to really taste coffee and feel smiles running through your veins. To seek indulgence in a cup of hot chocolate and the smooth texture tango-ing with your ecstatic taste-buds. To go on hunting journeys for moments of warmth in quiet, long nights with the excitement of an adventurous hunter in the air. To curl up next to loved ones smelling closeness and endearment. To surrender your burdens to the lulling sound of rains on your umbrella.. almost trembling with longed-for lightness. To enjoy solitude… to enjoy “you”. To winter is… to breathe.



  1. welcome back .. WINTER

  2. Just, If people understands the beauty of winter .. <3<3 lovely ya Mayo ya wintering buddy ;)

  3. I hope it will truly come back ya Bahaa :)

    Heheh, ya Dido… LONG time no see you here :) Miss you lots ya bent :)

  4. somethings will truly come back if they just begin from within

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