Posted by: Mermaid | May 1, 2014

About Time

I just finished watching a movie called “About Time.” It is telling the story of a family whose men can travel back in time. Particularly about a guy who travels in time to the past to fix little mistakes so that he finds love. He eventually does meet the love of his life, marries her and the movie ends with a happy couple with three kids.

Do I want to do that; travel back in time, fix a couple of mistakes, avoid certain people, take back words I said that hurt others, live days differently? There are certain things I wish I’d change but then I wouldn’t be who I am now, right? Deeds, good and bad, shape who we are. I know I am the farthest from being a really good person and that right now I can be probably the worst version of myself but … I’m me, you know. I am me… with all the scars, black spots, sparkling eyes and smile. I’d rather take it from the “present” not the “past.” I’d rather make amends from where I stand now. I am okay with a linear time… no backward or forward travelling.

Just a little piece of advice to you, Maya; make the present matter… don’t waste moments without feeling and appreciating every single one of them. Don’t live… be alive.



  1. It was an excellent movie, actually.

    I think the point behind it was to just do that: live and be alive. It didn’t make me envious of the protagonist, it just made me think of how I should look at the moments I live.

    Be well, my friend :)

  2. Live and satisfy the present !! totally agree!

  3. Ya Ibraheem, yeah, I’ve been more conscious of how I need to live the moment than before.

    Keep me in your prayers, dear friend :)

    Ya Bassem, may you enjoy every single moment of the present :)

  4. I wish I could have the ability to comment on this
    I wish I got the courage to see the real person in me
    But .. as you say .. I am me .. I am me

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