Posted by: Mermaid | July 24, 2015

Yummy Surprise

Riding with my sister in her car, she pointed at a café saying: “this one is a very nice café. Food is great! The owner is my friend and she bakes all the dessert herself!” I thought I would try it some day but maybe not very soon since it is not very close to where I usually go out. I finished the errand with my sister and while starting off going back home in my car, I passed by it again. I wasn’t very hungry but I thought I can try some dessert and coffee. I parked Misty (my car) and headed to the café.

The terrace was the first thing that welcomed me. I felt instantly good :) Pleasant colours, free-spirited style and careful attention to details.


I smiled and hoped the interior would match the terrace. It was even BETTER! It is not a huge place; could take up to maybe 20-25 people. You just cannot help smiling when you get inside. The colours, the decoration, the flowrs, the cheerful cupcakes, the warm greetings from the staff… all would make you feel very welcomed.



I felt I wanted to talk to the owner and tell her how much I liked the place but thought I should wait till I try the food to give a comprehensive feedback. The savory menu does not contain a lot of options; maybe 8-10. I went for a chicken sandwich with sundried tomato. I found this nice corner and relaxed there waiting for my meal.


And it arrived :) It tasted REALLY good! I do not recall enjoying the BREAD anywhere as much as I did there! The BREAD, for God’s sake! Later, I knew from my sister that the owner gets the ingredients from France. Makes sense!


Tummy was happy and relatively full. But since I do not like changing plans (I initially entered the café for coffee and dessert) so I thought I would still try them :D I ordered a banana tart and a latte.


Both were good. I hoped I had more space in my stomach to try one or two cupcakes but I could hardly breathe then :)



It was indeed a yummy surprise :) I am glad I decided to try the place and intend on going there again very soon. Highly recommended.

Here’s their FB page.



  1. looks yummy الافضل لها تسويقيا تعمل صفحة مش اكاونت التفاعل عليها هيبقى احسن

  2. بالهنا والشفا طعامك .. وسعادتك.. لك
    وبالهنا والشفا عودتك وكلماتك.. وسعادتك.. لنا

  3. Ya Ahmad :) How are you? :) Food there IS yummy :) I agree that it is better to have a page not an account.

    الله يهنيك يا بهاء :) شكرًا شكرًا :)

  4. Ya Ahmad… An update; the place has a page not just an account on Facebook. My mistake that I didn’t search for it carefully. I updated the link in the post to the cafe’s page.

  5. كده انا افتكرت صاحبيكان عمله دعاية وكتب عنه بوست

  6. بالظبط :) هو ده المكان :)

  7. looks like a really cosy place.
    Restaurants usually have an artificial feel about them but this one looked real nice and warm.
    Hope you enjoyed it :)

  8. Hello Catherine :)

    It is a genuine place with a cozy spirit :)

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