Posted by: Mermaid | January 15, 2016

Thank you for the Moments

I open our history. More than 25,000 messages in a year. What do I do with all this? What do I do with all the shared moments? Pictures of coffee, lunches we ate, roads we took, shots from trainings we attended, songs we liked. What do I do with all these moments that burn my skin and heart now and leave invisible scars? Tell me what should I do with them for they have become deeply entangled into my cells. Can I give you back the smiles I had in our talks? Can you return the laughs you had? What do I do with the nicknames we’ve exchanged?

A year of moments. My little treasures. What to do with them when I cannot hold them in my hands anymore? In our lives, some treasures are to be locked in a chest and pushed away at the back of our heart. But till I can lock them away, I’ll keep holding them close, not minding the burns and the scars. Till that day comes when I can let go, thank you for every moment we’ve shared, sweetheart.


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