Posted by: Mermaid | January 17, 2016

Dance with me

I meet a close friend for lunch. She tells me that she has read that post about losing passions. She says in a low voice: “I don’t like that spirit!” I faintly smile and tell her that it is the safest way, the only way. She shakes her head. I keep my calm smile and try to change the subject.

How can I ask anyone to understand? How can I explain what it takes to silence the longing into that calm smile? How much it takes to turn the feverish tremble into dead quietness?

We head to the opera for that Jazz and Latin musical night. “Take me to a jazz night one day”. Do you remember, sweetheart? The orchestra starts playing. The instruments blend into lulling tunes that make me feel a little dizzy. I close my eyes, hide into your arms and whisper: dance with me.


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