Posted by: Mermaid | January 25, 2016

Don’t Miss the Rain

Mama calls me from her room: “Mayada, it’s heavily raining!” I am sitting to my laptop downloading some audio-books. I tell myself: “I’ll start downloading a couple of books and then go catch the rains in my balcony.” This takes around ten minutes. Oh, Coffee! Rains would be better with some steaming coffee! I go fix myself a cup of coffee and a sandwich. Another ten minutes. When I excitedly enter my balcony the rain has stopped! Because I wanted to make it perfect, I missed the rain. Sometimes we think we have the time but we actually don’t. Rain on its own is great. I do not have to make it perfect. Crude and natural times/things/feelings are great on their own. We need to enjoy them as they are because they do not always wait for us. Enjoy the company of those you love, appreciate their voices, their smiles, and warmth. Cherish the little and simple moments. They won’t last. They won’t wait for us to mould them the way we want. Don’t miss those moments. And never, ever miss the rain.

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