Posted by: Mermaid | September 14, 2016

Home Delivery, Anyone?

Good and big things in life do not come easily. Progressing at work, a successful marriage, raising good kids…etc. All this come with sweat, time and energy willingly spent to end up with a gratifying, unique outcome – of course, without slaving our necks out. We cannot just sit in our living room and “order” a brilliant job or an outstanding relationship with a life-partner expecting they would be delivered to our doorstep and all what we would have to do would be just paying some cash! Duuuh! It doesn’t work this way! It never did and never will!

I know that what I said above is a given – or it should be! The reason I am blurting out like that is that the number of people I have been coming across in the past couple of years that have this “home-delivery” attitude is mind-boggling! Like seriously?! Begad?! If you are not willing to spend time, energy and lots of effort, expect TRASH delivered to your doorstep, NOT quality things!

Duuuh again!


  1. They do that just for being lazy or naive?

  2. They want a tailored life not a real one.
    It seems that some think heaven is a matter of imagination not a matter of sacrifice.
    And .. excuse me saying:
    المصري بيموت في الفهلوة

  3. Orouba, I honestly cannot imagine someone being naive on such a point (that you need to exert some effort to get quality things!) Hence, for me it is either laziness or lack of real interest!

    Bahaa, they want an “easy” life. Exactly, you’ve got to work towards gaining “heaven!”

  4. “Begad”. I love it. It is wonderful to see that you are doing so well ولله الحمد.

  5. Miss your comments here ya Tayyur :) Hope all is great on your side, dear :)

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