Posted by: Mermaid | October 15, 2016

Did you not flame and I catch fire?

It’s the last day of the weekend. Last week was pretty difficult. I seriously consider going to the opera house to attend a classical music night but I feel a bit exhausted… psychologically more than physically. I skim through my movies library and decide upon Possession. This movie is another proof that I accidentally fell in the 21st century and that I am originally from ancient times.

Now I leave you with two beautiful quotes from the movie. The first is portraying the two lovers’ re-union after a long separation:

He: I shan’t forget the first glimpse of your form.

Illuminated as it was by flashes of sunlight.

I have dreamt nightly of your face…

And walked the landscape of my life with the rhythms of your writing…

Ringing in my ears.

She: I shall never forget our shining progress towards one another.

Never have I felt such a concentration of my entire being.

I cannot let you burn me up. Nor can I resist you.

No mere human can stand in a fire and not be consumed.

Second, at their old age, separated again, when he’s on his death bed she sends him a letter:

She: And now near the end, I think of you again with clear love.

Did we not?

Did you not flame and I catch fire?

Was not the love that we found worth the tempest that it brought?

I feel it was. I know it was.


  1. Yes.. Every single emotion our blood carries through the heart deserves it. Every single emotion our nerves deliver to the mind deserves it.
    Even the tiniest can stir a tempest to enliven us.

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