Posted by: Mermaid | March 7, 2017


They start leaving the cafe. He looks at her clothes and offers to take off his jacket for her but she gently dismisses his offer and walks next to him reflectively. She just realises that she never had a man’s jacket around her. She looked at him from the corner of her eyes and was about to accept his offer but she paused. That would be a first. Is she sure she wants this specific jacket? His jacket? She needs more time to be certain. Till this time comes, she would continue keeping herself warm. She tightens her small jacket around herself and smiles, with a heavy, yearning expression in her eyes.



  1. I am glad she waited, sometimes we tend to waste our firsts when we wait too long

  2. Actually, I envy that jacket’s owner who deserves her.
    Yes, it’s that simple, that natural and that typical of a proud female of her heart; not to give it to a man for being just a man.
    فيه مثل عندنا بيقول امشي سنة ولا تخطي قنا.. القصد ان فيه حاجات كتير نتسرع فيها ونعطي مقابلها الكثير وربما نعطيها من روحنا.. من وجودنا… من معنى ذاتنا ونلاقي ان المقابل بخس.. زي سيدنا يوسف وشروه بثمن بخس وكانوا فيه من الزاهدين.. لكن دول كانوا مجرد قافلة عدت على البير.. ولهم عذرهم.. فما بال أقرب الأقرباء.. هل نعذرهم؟!! .. نعم .. امشي سنة ولا تخطي قنا.. اخبريها يا سيدتي الا تضع على كتفيها معطف احد لا يستحقها.
    And..wisdom is an action not only a saying. So, it’s better having a room, in life, with a view.

  3. That pause is so natural, which blows life in the character despite the very short work (one paragraph!) This believability is one of your great charms in writing.
    And it was a pause to thank, because it brought us a new work of yours :)
    Welcome back!

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