Posted by: Mermaid | September 30, 2017

On Memory, Patterns, and Being Literal

I have a bad memory. Well, not in general. I just fail to remember what is irrelevant to me. I can remember tiny, tiny details or a date that I was told about a month before just because I relate to this detail some way or another. Same with numbers, I am horrible in memorizing numbers. I spent almost a year at work not being able to memorise my 5-digit phone code. I finally succeeded when I managed to find a pattern (divide the first two digits by 2, you get the second two digits, then put 5 – example: 48245). My mind rushes always into finding patterns. In math calculations, my mind has its own way. For example, when I face something like 15*7, my mind finds it difficult to make this calculation. Instead, it makes the below steps:





Believe me, the above would take approximately 4 seconds. Because the process happens sometimes in even less time that this, I find myself unable to identify the steps my mind took. For example, when someone asks me about a math problem, in a few seconds I’d give the answer. When I am asked how did I reach this, I would need a minute or two to concentrate and try to repeat the process again while slowing my thinking process in order to be able to identify the steps. By the way, I am in no way alluding that I am a math genius. I am the complete opposite J Just saying how my mind has its own tricks to find patterns and solve problems.

So, it is obvious how logical I am and how I like facts. I am a literal person. Too literal sometimes for this world. When I ask someone for something and they offer me something else which could be better (in their opinion) or more in quantity, it irritates me because I just asked for what I want! And I mean it! I know sometimes people are generous that’s why I hold my horses and politely ask again for what I initially asked for. Like 95% of people would insist on offering me what they believe is better. I then put a bit of a rigid face and try to mild it down with a gentle voice while saying: “thank you, I only want X.” People usually give me a puzzled look and give me what I want. Same fraction happens when I ask people questions like: “I have given X three bananas, not enough?” While I expect a simple either “yes, enough” or “no, add one or two more” I get a stern moment of silence followed by an accusation that I do not want to give more! I asked a sample question for God’s sake! Why can’t I get a simple answer?! My words do not have hidden meanings! I mean what I say, and say what I mean. People, even close ones, put a lot of pressure on me when they keep ignoring this personality trait of mine.

And that was my morning chatter and also an attempt to get back to writing more frequently.

Have a good morning, world J


  1. To the person who is (Too literal sometimes for this world), I am glad & thankful to Allah that I met someone like you.

    And… As much as I know you, I’d say that life is a journey through puzzle games; yet, sometimes you need to complete others’ in order to complete yours.
    You must not fail now.

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