Posted by: Mermaid | May 29, 2018

Faking Happiness or Being Alone?

To lure myself to keep jogging on the treadmill, I watch engaging movies or series. I came across an interesting quote in one of the episodes that talked about how some women fake happiness with men for fear of being alone. The quote:

“I decided instead of running away from the idea of a life alone I’d better sit down and take that fear to lunch.

– Waiting for someone?

– No, it’s just me. Thanks.

So, I sat there and had a glass of wine alone.

No books, no man, no friends, no armor no faking.”

I do that! I go out alone; for jogs, movies and even meals whenever friends are not available to join or when I am just in the mood of doing things alone. I do enjoy my own company and “me time”. Don’t I want to be with someone? Of course I do! Very much kaman :D But I can never fake being happy with someone just because I dread the idea of being alone. Ending up alone is a tough and unpleasant idea but the weight of being insincere just to escape this fate is way heavier and tougher.

Since I do not drink, I raise my glass of water. For being genuine. For never faking love or happiness just because we’re afraid of being alone. For never compromising on what is important for us in our partners. For looking for a “reason why” never a “why not.” And most importantly, for being courageous enough to be alone and do things alone when the “right” company is not “yet” around J

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