Posted by: Mermaid | December 18, 2018

No Regrets

When a dear friend sends me a post saying you should know you’re doing well if you’re paying your bills and that kind of stuff, I instantly reply with a smile: But I know I am doing very well elhamdolillah J I appreciate every moment I’ve had, specially the hard ones. I am grateful for all what God has made me experience; the travels, education, family, work, friends, the heartbreaks, foooood <3, music, full moons, solitude, laughter, and tears. I was just telling a friend a couple of days ago that if I had the chance to go back in life, I wouldn’t do things differently. I have no regrets J

He smiles back and says with some doubts in his eyes: “I have no regrets?! I have met very few people who clearly could claim that. It requires a lot to reach that level ya Mayada.”

I don’t think much before telling him: It requires accepting and appreciating what you’ve reached so far in life. I appreciate the scars I have, as well as the smiling wrinkles around my eyes and mouth. I do regret doing sins. But I don’t regret fighting for people who let go of me eventually. I don’t regret decisions I made about jobs or relationships. I don’t regret not pursuing a Ph.D after my masters. I don’t regret not saving more money. I don’t regret not travelling more. I am not perfect. Actually the farthest from that. But I appreciate the now version of me. I don’t want to change except getting closer to God. The rest I want to keep as is.. including the scars and the smiling wrinkles J


  1. ما أجمل الرضا.
    أرضاك ربي ورضي عنك 🙂

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