About – عن عروسة البحر

Mayada Al Shereef

Cairo, Egypt.

With a literary educational background (B.A. & M.A.). Currently working as a Market Researcher.

Cancer, crazy about stars, in love with seas, passionate about cherries and pineapple juice, dying to live on an island, greatly grateful to God for of His countless gifts to her, naughty and innocent, a harsh self-critic, enjoys meditation and intriguing dialogues, open-minded and conservative, hates noise and crowded places, combines extemes…. in a nutshell; a volcano and an iceberg.

And here are a 100 facts about me :)


  1. nice blog. =]

  2. For the first time my eyes run through titles of this collection of poems and (self-criticism) I imagined I might have been facing an attempt to prove one’s self against life. With another look I discovered that life itself is stripteased to the bones word by word and sentence after another, I think the scene wouldn’t appeal even to the most sexy lovers of life.

    The Ideas, choice of words and the descriptions are somehow like those of Franz Kafka (in the way he looked at things with heart’s eyes, not the physical ones). Try to look at ” The Prison ” :
    Undress me ……
    Wash me from this disgusting human smell; ”

    then move to ” The Choice ” and see :

    “Close your eyes,
    Follow me
    It is my home.
    Do you wish to get in?
    Be ware, if you do, you will never go out
    And you’ll have to leave all your luggage
    And life
    No, do not ask me to tell you
    What lies behind that door.
    Some secrets are not to be disclosed!
    It might be everlasting bliss,
    Or perpetual misery!”

    Actually, I felt like I got stuck into a world of contradictions, then I realized that this oppositeness is what mainly describe this kind of writing putting it under the umbrella of brand new genre (The Realistic Romanticism)

    I think I should step aside now and leave the stage for Mayada Al Shereef to declare her love for life in her own and special words. And I’m sure everyone of us would say : Mayada, your words “exist, And eternally live .. Inside me.”

    By the way, Mayada, would you allow me choose a title for your collection, which is ( Portrait of an Artist as Young Female). Is it appealing to the heart of a mermaid?

  3. يتراءى إلى أن ميادة الشريف أصبح لها مريدين يتلمسون القرب منها ومما تكتب .. فقد لاحظت فى الآونة الأخيرة التحول من النقد الأدبى لأعمالها إلى ما يشبه التذوق الممتع لكلماتها ومشاركتها أحلامها. وأنا – وإن كنت نادراً ما أنقد خاطرة أو كلمات شخصية لها – إلا أننى أسعد بما تروى وبالتعليقات التى تتهاوى من هنا ومن هناك وكأنها تنجذب لمغناطيس كبير يضمها بروية ودعة لعالم جميل من الحلم .. حتى ظننت أن ميادة تستحق لقب .. صانعة الأحلام

  4. Hello ya Bahaa,

    Long time no see :) Commentators are not seeking being close to “me”… but rather to my “posts” :)

    Thank you so much for the title… I do not think I am up to it though :)

  5. Hi , Nice Blog ..

    I Really Loved It ,

    I Hope U Visit My Blog Too



  6. Thanks ya Simsim :)) Glad you liked my blog :)

    I’ll surely visit yours and tell you what I think :)

  7. heheheh It is very interesting that some fruits (like pineapple and cherries) are building blocks of ur identity :D You use them in defining who u are! u r indeed interesting ya doodz! :)

    I can’t think of any fruit that defines who I am! I guess the whole food category would!!!

  8. Of course Cherries and Pineapple are very important parts of my identity :D Bass the question ya Anesa Qualitative is “ezay”…”eshra7eely aktar leih el ananas wel kereiz goz2 men haweyetik?” ;)

    You’re very sofisticated ya Ghandi… I do not think a simple fruit would be a part of your identity… but rather a sophisticated dish of steak with an unidentified sauce from a Swiss resturant!

  9. howwwwwwwwwww did u know abt the steak thing??????that is sooo true :D

  10. Ya benty ana gamda gedan wenty mesh 3arfa :D In other words, I am a psychic :D

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  12. yalla ba2a write something new. i check everyday in hopes of reading one of your amazing pieces and i find nothing new!! make my day!! :D

  13. Ya Sola you made MY day with this comment :D

    I had an amazing day yesterday… wanted to write about it but when I came back home, my head was almost falling on the laptop men el na3as :) And when I came to sleep, I had another small piece in my head… fa expect something to appear tomorrow on the blog inshallah :D

    LOVE YOU :)

  14. 7amdella 3ala salamet tant!! :D

  15. Allah yesalemek ya Sola :D :D :D

  16. Misty & Jisty :D

  17. Nefsy ashofhom ganb ba3d :D

  18. رغم ما قد أشعر به من وحدة
    إلا أنى فى أوقات كثيرة .. كثيرة قوى قوى
    بأحب لما أقعد على عتبة دارك
    وأسند ضهرى لجدارك

  19. Glad you’re finding comfort in my blog ya Bahaa :)

  20. مساء الخير يا عروس البحر
    تشرفت النهارده بزياره لمدونتك كان المفروض تكون سريعة ولكن الموضوع وصل ل3 ساعات
    بجد استمتعت اوي بكل ما فيها من حكايات وخواطر وطريقه تفكيرك ومعالجتك للمواضيع المختلفة
    اتمنى لك تحقيق كل امنياتك واتمنى كمان انك تسمحيلي باني اكون صديقة ليك وللمدونه لانه في بيننا حاجات كثيره مشتركه
    واتمنى يكون في جديد على طول

  21. (: أهلاً بيكي بيتي

    أنا سعيدة جداً بزيارتك وبتعليقك أوي أوي :) يا نهاري … 3 ساعات… دا أنا مش باقعد 3 ساعات في مدونتي… إستحملتي إزاي؟ (:

    أنا سعيدة جداً بصداقتك وأحب أقرا تعليقك على الحاجات البسيطة اللي باكتبها. وإن شاء الله هايكون فيه جديد قريب.


  22. √ crystal tear –  larva OVER  lovely cheek –  ice

    How sweet, Mermaid!
    Smitten !
    Swept away by hotcold figment.

  23. Thanks, qwark :)

  24. did i tell you i like this place?????????????????

  25. *Blush*

    E7em… yes, you did :D

    Thank you begad… you made my day :))

  26. you forgot something about yourself..you are the BEST friend i EVER had..and will have ;)

  27. Ya Manny :D This made my day begad :D Rabena yedeem el ma7abba 7abibty :)

    I miss you wallahy!

  28. Prayers for the good people of Egypt.

    May the land of the pharoahs be a place of permanent peace, security and wellbeing.

  29. Amen to that Adam! Thanks a lot for your prayers! :)

  30. great blog

  31. Thanks a lot, Samy :) Hope you’re enjoying your visits here :)

  32. أهــلاً عـروسة الــبحر ..
    شـرف كـبير بـالنـسبة لـي وأنا أقرأ مُدونتك ..
    كلماتك كلها عذوبة .. ومواضيعك رائعة ..
    اعتقد اننا نتشابه في كثير ..
    اختك : ميرميد الصغيرة ^_^ ا

  33. إنها وبكلماتٍ ذهبية تتكلم

    أوافقكَ الرأي =)

  34. أول مرة أقابل عروسة بحر شقيقة :)

    شكرًا لكلماتك، عزيزتي :) الشرف لي أن زرتني في بحري الصغير هنا :)

  35. هبعتلك إضافة على ميلك .. اقبليني ميرميديوز :)

  36. Done :)

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